June 05, 2017


Not sure how I got there, but I was riding on a bus, then on a subway. I started flirting with this girl, who turned out to be blind. We ended up going out a couple of times and something happened to her apartment, so she had to move in with me. 

So now we lived in my apartment. I had a car but also used​ the public transportation a lot. Most of my friends disapproved our relationship (friends I did not recognize). I announced to my family that we'll leave everywhere much earlier, because she needs time to get used to things. 

One day we were leaving the apartment, we were in my car with the kids. I told her that I left my car keys in a box in the dumpster and I need help finding it. She found a pizza box in the trash, and took a bite of a slice ... and kept looking in the dumpster for another box...