May 01, 2018

My new girlfriend, Barbara

I was with my new girlfriend and her friends, but her friends didn't know we were dating, because she wanted to keep it a secret. We were running around in St. Augustine but the buildings were much taller than in reality. We were running downstairs from a tower, and I yelled something like: "Wait up, hon!" she was super upset that I called her `hon` which might reveal to her friends that we are dating. Somehow we got separated and rain started coming down hard outside.

There was so much rain, that the streets were flooded and boats started coming and going. A couple picked me up, and we started talking, the girl started coming onto me, but I said I have a girlfriend, she said, they are interested in me as a third person in their relationship. The guy moved the boat to an island with a huge house on it. It had an attached garage with multiple floors and more than 10 expensive cars. We got out of the boat and that's when I realized that they are not actually interested in me, they are interested in killing me. I saw this very weak machete from the corner of my eye, and stabbed the girl in the neck. The blade was dull, so I had to do it several times, she fell on the floor, I hit the guy too, but he ran away. He got some kind of a weapon and we started chasing each other.

At one point I was upstairs when I heard a car parking outside. I was like `FINALLY!!`, but a guy got to the older lady first and said that there is a lunatic in the house. They came back in and tried to take the unconscious girl out (she was still alive!?) I ran downstairs, all four of us were outside, I somehow I managed to kill the girl and the guy and drop their bodies  on the ground. I told the old lady, that `Everything is OK, it's over now`. 

That's when I realized it was Barbara Streisand, and her skin was like Deadpool's skin, and she was smiling.