March 25, 2018

My derby girl

I was at the local skating ring trying to tie my shoe laces. I was also talking to my favorite roller derby girl, who was sitting on a blonde beach guy and running her finger thorough his blonde chest hair. 

March 09, 2018

Looking good together

We were roommates with a co-worker (Lauren) ... the building we lived in was like a huge shipping container, just a big block. 

There were no real rooms,  no walls,  the areas were just separated by themselves, bathrooms bedrooms kitchen etc. 

Lauren was holding a baby girl,  she kinda gave her to me quickly and said: You take it! You guys look good together!

March 07, 2018

Let The Music Stop

I woke up in the middle of the night and Alexa was blasting music in the bedroom. I was trying to scream from the top of my lungs ALEXA! STOP THE MUSIC ... but the words wouldn't come out, and within seconds my mouth was closing up with skin ... (just like in the Matrix)