November 28, 2014

Dirt swimmers

The whole dream was set like a TV advertisement/documentary.

The camera was above the ocean following a catamaran from a birds eye view. There were a couple of water skiers or surfers behind the boat. Then the camera left the scene and went toward the beach and the new view pont stopped behind some sand dunes.

All of a sudden we could see the ground moving from left and right, moving towards us. Then a guy in swimming pants came up from the ground on the left and from the right a little after that. They said this is a new thing to do, and they can move pretty fast underground. Then they both jumped into the dirt and "swam" away with a dolphin-like motion.

Aquarium window

Alison welcomed me home one day from work and told me she put an aquarium as our new kitchen window. I was kind of upset, because we couldn't keep up with the one we already have in the living room, plus it will collect algae much faster because of the direct sunlight.

November 15, 2014

Double date

Alison and I were on a double date (no kids) with Garami K. (my classmate from middle school) and her fiance/husband. He was very impressed that I was working at

November 12, 2014

A night with John C. Reilly

We were at the Sun Ray Cinema movie theater with the old St. Augustine crew (Niki, Ricsi etc). I don't remember what movie we wanted to watch but I ran into John C. Reilly (Will Ferrell's buddy in Talladega Nights). He was wearing some kind of confederate outfit. We started taking about acting and stuff like that. I also missed the movie.