September 25, 2016


We were both naked, I can't even remember who the other person was, but I think I killed her (him?) somehow. Then I had to drain some fluids from her body, so I had to hold her upside down, and fill up a balloon looking thing. (From down below)

A little while later, I felt the urge again (maybe somebody told me) to do it, but this time it was Alison. I was about to drain her body, when she suddenly woke up and accused me that I was trying to kill her. I said of course not, just trying something different ...

September 12, 2016

Potato baby

We were walking on the street with the kids, grandma and grandpa.
V pointed out a potate looking thing on the side of the road, it had a baby head, and it's  mouth was opening and closing constantly. Grandma wanted to step on it, but D wanted to keep it for himself and was checking it out closely.

(The thing looked like the ginger root in Pan's Labyrinth - which I haven't seen in 10 years)

Gypsy kid

We were moving into a new house, (into a smaller one) it was a split level, Florida style house.
It needed a lot of work, but Brad our neighbor (who is also the neighbor in our current house) showed me how to fix the roof and the siding.
In the back, there was a small creek and when I went there with one of the kids, I saw a small boat on the other side, and a little gypsy girl climbed into the boat and floated away ... kinda staring at us the whole time.

Black Panther

We were at the zoo (we may have lived there or something)... all the animals had a 3-4 inch long cut on their sides, stitched together but still visible.
A black panther was walking around us, and nobody seemed to be scared...