April 26, 2015

Longboarding in Daytona

I was walking along a fenced area in Daytona. It was a large skateboard park with lots of concrete specifically for longboarders. (It was huge, almost like a small city) I ran into David from web and started to talk about skateboards.

Walk from Tampa to JAX

Started walking from Tampa with my new goth-ish friends with all the kids and dogs to Jacksonville. There was a homophobe guy in a wife-beater shirt yelling at us. I stopped the group and tried to summon the dogs.

April 10, 2015

String Rapper

I was cleaning up dog poop in the backyard when I found a piece of bluish green string sticking out of the poop. I showed it to V and explained that's why you can't leave strings all over the place.
We were debating important musical influences at work and I was giving a big speech about how important rap is because of their meaningful and long lyrics... (not a huge fan of rap btw)

April 06, 2015

Bag of mice

We had a lot of mice in our house, somehow we ended up killing them and I had to put them in zip lock bags. Two of them escaped and I was chasing those in the dark.

April 01, 2015


We were visiting my godparents in Ecser, but we were also in Daytona at the same time. We had to leave but I couldn't find any of my stuff. Backpack, keys, car etc. It was very annoying, but everybody was there, even Eva's family showed up at one point.