April 15, 2016


We lived on a mention in a two, maybe three story house in the 30s-40s. It was a similar look and feel to Blue Springs and the surrounding area.

One day our helpers started some sort of revolt, and wanted to take over our house. We successfully captured their leader, put a thick book into her mouth, and closed her in one of the bathrooms.

I tried to go over to the neighbor's house to get some help, but as I got there I saw a lot of soldiers running into the house, wearing old Roman/Spanish army outfit (with the silver plates, pointy hats and spears etc...).

I started running back to our house, but the little creek between our properties was flooding everything. I had to jump through branches and roots. All of a sudden, Vivi called out to me from one of the branches and asked me if I can see the alligators in the water. I looked down, and there were hundreds of gators in all sizes, just swarming everywhere under water. I picked Violet up and ran back to the house.

Inside the house in the kitchen, Alison was sitting by the table, working on her laptop.


I purchased SurferDudes.com with a company account at Web. My new boss (Ashley) came over to my desk and told me that that domain cost $1300 a month. I told him I can't afford it, he asked me how much cash do I have. I said about $50. He wanted it, but I only gave him $30 from my wallet.

April 05, 2016


At V's school the kids were choosing best friends for themselves, and Madison did not pick V. That made her sad, which made me sad.

Alison fixed the broken toilet.