February 26, 2019

Half naked in the rain

I was hanging out with Meg and she was about to introduce me to her mom. We were in a small river front log cabin or something like that. 

I was half naked, and felt awkward so Meg and I went outside to look for a t-shirt(??) and it was sunny and raining at the same time. We started making out just laying down on the road (I was still half naked, I think she was totally naked) when we heard a car approaching, we were just giggling and ran back into the cabin.

February 02, 2019

Half naked show

I was doing a set at Joey N's show, he called my name to get up on stage, but I still didn't have my shirt on, I couldn't button it up, and I threw a tie around my neck. Went up on stage and did ok. 

Lost And Found

Took the kids to some kind of festival, and I was trying to make sure they have a good time, so I let them go by themselves. There was a bunch of people of course and I totally lost them in the chaos. I was looking for them all day, but couldn't find them. At one point I found D. but then lost him again too. All of a sudden it was the next morning in my apartment (or different house), still no kids, and Tomi was there laughing at something. I was very pissed at him. Called my ex's house, and the kids were there. She said I can pick them up for school this afternoon.