September 30, 2014

Violet's Imaginary Bird

Name: Crabbird (or Crabird)
Size: as big as a Scion XB
Residency: From Florida to Arizona (also in Chinese Zoos)
Diet: Grass and other birds (mostly seagulls)

Other Notes:
  - they like to sleep on the roads
  - they look like flamingos but have purple feathers
  - the young birds have horns when they are born

September 29, 2014

Tomi in mom's shoes

Tomi and I were on the old tramway 4-6's route in Budapest talking about something. I was trying to help him find a job when I suddenly noticed that he was wearing mom's shoes (red highills)... but when I looked down to double check, they became regular leather brown shoes.

September 22, 2014

Peter's New Hose

We were at Peter and Christy's new house. It was a big house and the TV was mounted to the ceiling. The outside was huge and their neighbor was a condo building owner.

I was shooting with a bow and arrow and realized that there are salt water puddles everywhere. The only reason I knew it was salt water because they had exotic fish swimming in them.

Peter also pointed out to keep an eye on the floating security system which was one of these blowup sharks you can buy at the mall lately.

Book-sale scam

I lived in England (no kids, no wife) and I talked in an English accent. I was part of some sort of Book Scam, we took people's money and never send their ordered books.

We got busted but luckily I got away with a girl (of course, short blond hair) and we were hitchhiking to the country side because we couldn't use the train system in case they are watching it.

We were running out of money so we had to find work but only for cash. Ended up working in a children's hospital with cancer patients. And this is when we came up with the best scam of all (felt like). The idea was to take small portions of donation money and put it into our pockets...

Red Dragon

I was riding on the Red Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon movie.

September 19, 2014

Chopper Drone

Charlene P.and somebody else got choppered into a military facility with me, there was a Drone asking us questions (kinda like Martha in Eureka)... after that I was on a rope at a playground looking thing and a soldier was spinning me around.

September 16, 2014

Deserted parasztház

I was in Hungary at a weird remote location in a desert. There was an old wooden sign with "Eggs for sale!" written on it at the gate of an old parasztház... I was walking around just looking down at the sand noticing eggs. White crow eggs.

September 15, 2014

Panera again

I was working at Panera again with Shawn P. He put me on registers at a night shift to ease me back in. It was horrible, I didn't know the sandwiches anymore, didn't know how to run the register. People were piling up and trying to order, I accidentally charged a girl $30 instead of $14... was trying to fix my mistake giving her my own money or something... (this was not the store I used to work btw)

Al Bundy sitting in the river

We were by a very narrow river with the kids with other families (from V's school!?) Everybody was playing a little bit further down the river, so it was pretty much only me looking at the water with Al Bundy, who was sitting in the water on the opposite side, waist deep. All of a sudden a saw a big gator approaching from the left coming close to me. It opened its mouth and grabbed a kid (how did she get there?). She was around 1.5 years old, and staring at me, silently while the gator was taking her down. I REALLY wanted to help, but I couldn't see them anymore, felt helpless but the kid was gone :/ Al Bundy was shaking his head.

September 07, 2014

Nintendo DS[]

I had a Nintendo DS, David had  an Advance (the flip one) and they got stolen or we lost it don't remember but we had to get new ones. So David found this guy who was selling 2 Nintendo DS Box edition. We met at a shady restaurant for the purchase. Ds Box looked exactly like the DS but had a huge box attached on the bottom with USB and HDMI inputs and outputs. The guy was weird he didn't wanna shake my hand because of the germs from playing the console....

We were at the Ecseri lake with the whole fam, but also friends from the U.S.. Dorian constantly wanted to jump in the lake and I was nervous cause he can't swim...

September 06, 2014

Nailed it

Violet told me that she nailed the carpet in her room to the floor. I wasn't mad. I was actually impressed that she can use a hammer.

September 04, 2014

Cubicle in a cube

My boss (Attila) was trying to put a cubicle made out of plywood in our cube as an office for himself.

September 01, 2014

Boarding with Rush Limbaugh

I was about to board a plane and was climbing up on the metal stairs, when I saw Rush Limbaugh standing there, inviting me in. He said he has a secret place somewhere above the cockpit where he usually hides when he needs some alone time.

The "secret" place was a big cardboard box filled with newspaper (looked like a weird nest). I was just smiling at him...