May 24, 2016

Silver Willow Tree

We moved away from the city to a small community. Just A and me, the kids were already grown up and gone.

People in the community lived in sleeping bags and slept under the stars. In front of our sleeping bags, there was a gigantic silver willow tree, moving left and right in the wind.

One early morning I woke up suddenly and the tree was not moving, kinda frozen, staring at me and one or two of its branches were stuck up in my nose. It told me to have sex with A, because we need more children ...

May 09, 2016


Martin Gore from Depeche Mode was staying with us for a couple of days. He was sad and disappointed that nobody likes his solo work as much as DM's.

I tried to convince him that I like his solo albums, and telling him my favorite song from the early days. Unfortunately I couldn't remember the name of the song, so I just kinda started humming it and singing it... it was very embarrassing. (btw the song is called Gone from 1989)

Blue Desert

We still lived in the same old house from the preview dream (I know, right!?) but this time, there was no water at all. In fact, the whole area was a big desert as far as you could see.