July 17, 2015


Dorian and I were living in a Budapest-like city. We probably just moved there, because I used a GPS in the car to find our new house. Unfortunately we got lost anyway. I got out of the car with the GPS in my hand and a loaf of rye bread under one of my arms.

A homeless person approached me and said he can help us find the right route, if he can look at the rye bread. I kinda told him no, but he just snatched the bread from my hand, and ran away. I felt bad, because I knew Dorian was hungry. I went back to the car and sat next to D  with a bag of chocolate chip cookies (a very small bag, with two cookies in it), I told him he can eat both of them, when I noticed that another homeless person was sitting on the opposite side, and was staring at the bag of cookies.

July 12, 2015


Rich, David and I was smoking grass from a big glass bong around a coffee table.