January 23, 2015


Went back to Hungary to see my old gf, I told her that I still loved her. She was of course already married and had a kid. She said she needed to divorce her husband so we can date again, we ended up running around in DT Budapest with divorce papers. (the funny thing is, when I saw her apartment, I remembered it from a previous dream from many years ago)

January 19, 2015


I was helping Rob and Klari (and Ben) to move into their new place (looked like a townhouse somewhere in England). They were driving a truck and I was in a hurry to catch the subway.


My dad, Pali -my godfather- and I were walking up on a mountain. It was hot, but there was also snow on the ground. I stopped to take a picture of a hanging tree branch with some red berries on it (as usual), when all of a sudden, out of nowhere Su (from Panera) grabbed the branch, and took off the berries... so I missed the shot. I was very annoyed.

January 15, 2015


I was at the Whitehouse (it was twice as tall) and a chubby senator was giving a speech on the top of the building. People were watching him from below, including me. All of a sudden the senator jumped into the crowd from the roof. Everybody was laughing because it turned out to be a stunt double and the real senator was on a stage and shaking the stunt guy's hand, smiling. (He was wearing aluminum shades, like the ones from Back To The Future II. What Doc was wearing when he came back from the future.) I also told somebody next to me that everybody is a jokester in President Obama's crew.

January 03, 2015


D. and I entered a Rally race. It was a regular race with normal cars, but somehow we got a monster truck. I was a terrible dad and didn't even buckle him in, just kinda hung him on my left side, his legs were totally over the road. We were going really fast at times. At the end I asked him if he had fun and he said: "it was a little bit of fun."

Dan and Darla showed up at the end, and Dan made a joke about traveling from the east coast to the west on train. I also noticed a guy doing a head-stand on a rock...