March 22, 2015

Floating ads

Palko wanted to paint their garage. It was the same old building but it didn't have the "akna"-s. We needed a pressure washer from our grandpa. My dad came over also to check out how we were doing. There was a big mess in the garage, but we started too clean it up. My grandpa came over from their house and showed me a bug. Very weird looking with for legs and a bubble like had with two black beedy eyes. Then I looked away and looked back and it became a floating advertisement. We went over to my grandparents house for the pressure washer and Tomi came home changed his shoes. All of a sudden we were in a gym where two Lutheran schools were playing basketball. A judo guy came over with his son in their uniform. The kid had a blue belt, looked at me and said: "Is my outfit making you uncomfortable?" ... Then Palko showed up and started laughing and said I was dancing too close to him. I looked down and my clothes shoes everything had weird markings on them, with ancient letters.