December 17, 2015


We flew into Chicago for a vacation and met my parents at the airport. My mom was driving a big RV/bus.

After we drove over a big hill we finally saw the bed and breakfast we were staying at, but we were going too fast and mom ran into the building with the bus.

The owners said it's okay, but we wanted to pay them something. I was also trying to take a picture of the bus from the inside of the house, but couldn't fit the whole thing in the viewfinder. I really wanted to send the pic to David D., because I thought he'd find it hilarious.

December 11, 2015


We were living in a Cube. It was floating between the Moon and Earth. From our main window we could see the Earth and a Space Station. It was getting late and dark. A crew was hauling in new cargo into the station, they were in a hurry to use the Sun's light. Something got loose and the cargo started to slip away, and an astronaut was pulling it back with a rope. In the meantime, I was trying to put Dorian in bed.


We had a pat mouse and it got sick. My aunt Eva came over and lifted one of the couch cushions and there were more than 50 dead mice underneath. Used this opportunity to teach the kids why we couldn't have a pat mouse in the house. Also, Eva picket up a couple of the mice between her fingers, they were hanging by their tails.

November 08, 2015


There was a large weird looking creature in our neighborhood. It ate people in torturous ways, unless they had a dog.

If they had a dog, then the creature only ate the animal and let the person loose. I was desperately looking for a dog.

October 15, 2015


Alison and I were walking in the pond behind our house. It looked a little different than in real life, kinda a mixture of Blue Springs near Orlando and the actual pond we have.

We were slowly making our way upstream, when suddenly Alison tripped over an alligator. It was about 8 feet long. I also noticed another alligator, similar size. We somehow wrestled them down and tied them together with their back towards each other...

September 25, 2015


We were on vacation, and I was returning to the house we were renting at the time from a store. 

There were trees around, a little street and minimal lighting. It was dark (probably night time) and I was carrying a large brown paper bag of groceries. All of a sudden an antelope ran up to me, its antlers were kinda behind its ears, but somehow he managed to take a stab at me. Luckily I was fast enough to put the grocery bag between us, so the antlers pierced through the beg, but didn't hurt me. I ran into the house.

In the house a saw my old best friend (Gabor from Hungary) and I told him not to go out, because there is a crazy antelope out there, trying to hurt us. One of my kids said that my godfather knows about the antelope. He showed up out of nowhere and told me how to go around the antelope.

August 17, 2015

Blue Fairy

We were in Vegas in our hotel room, sleeping. A handful of blue tiny fairies came in (they looked like the blue man group guys with wings) and painted our noses blue.

The next morning a big blue fairy appeared in our room (as big as a normal human) and informed us that he told the little fairies not to paint our noses blue, because this is our first time in Vegas.

August 09, 2015

Two Towers

We lived in a huge apartman-complex-tower (like the one in the new Judge Dredd), there was also another building a mile away, similar size.
They closed down the buildings after dark because of the zombies attacks. I didn't actually see the zombies, but I knew they were there, outside.

July 17, 2015


Dorian and I were living in a Budapest-like city. We probably just moved there, because I used a GPS in the car to find our new house. Unfortunately we got lost anyway. I got out of the car with the GPS in my hand and a loaf of rye bread under one of my arms.

A homeless person approached me and said he can help us find the right route, if he can look at the rye bread. I kinda told him no, but he just snatched the bread from my hand, and ran away. I felt bad, because I knew Dorian was hungry. I went back to the car and sat next to D  with a bag of chocolate chip cookies (a very small bag, with two cookies in it), I told him he can eat both of them, when I noticed that another homeless person was sitting on the opposite side, and was staring at the bag of cookies.

July 12, 2015


Rich, David and I was smoking grass from a big glass bong around a coffee table.

June 30, 2015


We were somewhere with the fam, when the kids and I visited the local library. It was huge and Jennifer T was living there by herself. She was telling us the history of the library.

I broke the screen on my phone (again). I was disappointed.

June 24, 2015


I was sleeping. Suddenly I woke up and saw a spider crawling on the corner of my pillow. I tried to brush it away but it wasn't there anymore.

A spider bit Dorian above his right eye. Alison told me to put ice on it. I totally forgot to do it. Next time I saw Dorian, I didn't see the bite swollen so I wasn't worried. A couple of hours later I saw him again. At this time he had a golf ball size bump above his eye. I quickly tried to put ice on it, but it was too big so I couldn't. A little while later I saw him again with no swelling. Then again with the bump.
Finally I concluded that I am (we are) living parallel universes and I can go between them without noticing it.

June 22, 2015


There were a bunch of turtles inside our house by the fireplace - it looked exactly like a beehive, but with turtles. Alison turned one on its back and it was kicking around.

June 16, 2015

Lightning and Bako Z.

We were on the street at our house when I noticed a huge storm coming in, with very dark clouds. Suddenly I saw two lightnings, one on the left and one on the right. The houses they struck flamed up right away. I told the kids to go into the house and hide under something. Everything was burning around us.

I was in St. Augustine and ran into Bako Z. (my classmate from elementary) I showed him around, Casa Monica, Flagler college the Museum etc. I told him he can stay at our house for a couple of days.

June 13, 2015


I was hanging out with my goth friends, we were getting ready for an upcoming concert. (Can't remember the band now).
At one point we ended up in Mike Tyson's house and I was looking at his ninja sword collection. Somebody's grandma was trying to bake cookies and I tried to help her.
I was outside of a huge flee-market and saw Marylin Manson. We started talking about the history of ebm/goth music genre, and how I feel like it's coming back. Told him about my experiences in the 90s in Hungary, and early 2000. He actually seemed like a cool guy :)

June 09, 2015


Betti was graduating from some school here in the US, so the whole family was here. I tired to show off my work place at web for my dad, but my car was somehow lodged in the parking lot. I was trying different things to get it out. We were running around with Palko and Tomi.

May 23, 2015


The kids were toddlers,  I put them in our house (we had a very small 1 bedroom thing) and tried to burn the house down. Somebody saw me from the other side of a lake and started yelling at me,  so I put out the fire and pretended that it was an accident.

May 20, 2015


I was playing with my new Pebble smart-watch. It seemed very plasticy, even though I ordered the metal one ...


I was back in Hungary, talking to my old girlfriend, trying to convince her to snuggle. I was very specific about JUST snuggling.

May 05, 2015

Invisible Driver

There was a round UFO hovering in our backyard about 150-200 feet in the air. We lived in a big box looking house, totally white with a huge grassy yard. A small aircraft started to descend from the UFO (looked similar to the one in Oblivion) and we all ran into the house. The aircraft landed on our front porch. I still didn't see a driver. A somewhat hidden door opened in the vehicle and soon our front door opened up also. That's when I realized that the driver was invisible. The kids ran to the craft and sat in the back, me and my wife sat up front. All of a sudden the driver appeared, and he was Bill Murray. We flew up in the sky.

May 04, 2015

Future job

I was applying for a job at a big corporation where Balage was working too. They had large cubicles with long tables and the developers were working on tiny screens (like the screen of the Note 4) and they were seated very close to each other. I know it was the future because I only saw 3-wheel electric cars in the parking lot... I also saw David applying there.

May 02, 2015


I had a girlfriend in Orange park, we were making out but I felt bad because of my wife and kids. I decided to end this relationship and went to her house (she was young, still living with her parents) just when I was about to tell her that it's over, her cellphone rang and she just found out that her best friend died. I didn't wanna break up with her right then and there because she was already crying pretty bad, so I was just standing there awkwardly for a while then I left her house.


My dad was some kind of a surgeon and was working on my back for a while ... trying to remove my moles.

April 26, 2015

Longboarding in Daytona

I was walking along a fenced area in Daytona. It was a large skateboard park with lots of concrete specifically for longboarders. (It was huge, almost like a small city) I ran into David from web and started to talk about skateboards.

Walk from Tampa to JAX

Started walking from Tampa with my new goth-ish friends with all the kids and dogs to Jacksonville. There was a homophobe guy in a wife-beater shirt yelling at us. I stopped the group and tried to summon the dogs.

April 10, 2015

String Rapper

I was cleaning up dog poop in the backyard when I found a piece of bluish green string sticking out of the poop. I showed it to V and explained that's why you can't leave strings all over the place.
We were debating important musical influences at work and I was giving a big speech about how important rap is because of their meaningful and long lyrics... (not a huge fan of rap btw)

April 06, 2015

Bag of mice

We had a lot of mice in our house, somehow we ended up killing them and I had to put them in zip lock bags. Two of them escaped and I was chasing those in the dark.

April 01, 2015


We were visiting my godparents in Ecser, but we were also in Daytona at the same time. We had to leave but I couldn't find any of my stuff. Backpack, keys, car etc. It was very annoying, but everybody was there, even Eva's family showed up at one point.

March 22, 2015

Floating ads

Palko wanted to paint their garage. It was the same old building but it didn't have the "akna"-s. We needed a pressure washer from our grandpa. My dad came over also to check out how we were doing. There was a big mess in the garage, but we started too clean it up. My grandpa came over from their house and showed me a bug. Very weird looking with for legs and a bubble like had with two black beedy eyes. Then I looked away and looked back and it became a floating advertisement. We went over to my grandparents house for the pressure washer and Tomi came home changed his shoes. All of a sudden we were in a gym where two Lutheran schools were playing basketball. A judo guy came over with his son in their uniform. The kid had a blue belt, looked at me and said: "Is my outfit making you uncomfortable?" ... Then Palko showed up and started laughing and said I was dancing too close to him. I looked down and my clothes shoes everything had weird markings on them, with ancient letters.

February 21, 2015

The end?

I was taking the kids home. We lived in the same neighborhood, but on a mountain. I noticed that one of the houses was on fire. I wanted to help but I also needed to take the kids home. When we got home I realized that our house was on fire too. I started packing things and waited until the fire department showed up. Luckily they were successful at stopping the fire.

We went outside and I saw that actually everything was on fire, even the ground with lava fire-bubbles.

February 19, 2015


I worked at a construction company that was specializing in demolition. We leveled houses and took the debris to the beach(!?) somewhere near Palm City. I was using a motorized rickshaw to do this and at one point I ran out of gas. 

It was getting dark so I ended up knocking on a door of a mobile-home. There was a family of three, father, daughter and son with three dogs. A puppy, a little bit older one and a big mutt. The son informed me that the big dog is always outside and he only comes in to eat. I turned away from the big dog, and he bit me in the ass. It hurt so bad, I actually woke up ... and still felt the bite.

February 15, 2015


I used to be a drug dealer of some sort, but I've been clean for a while. An old friend of mine came to visit and told me that one of his friends is coming to pick him up later that day, so we went to the edge of the city to meet him. His friend came with a red car, very run-down. The guy had so much trash in his car we literally had scoop it out so we could sit down on the seat.

One thing concerned me, there were other guys in the back. They drove us to a dark alley in the city and I noticed a string in one of the guys hands. They tried to kill us. I luckily got away but my friend didn't. I ran from the car and somehow ended up in an apartment.

I remember breaking into the apartment. There was an older dude with his family. I told him I have an idea on how I'd hide, but needed his help. I told him I wanted female clothes and I will dress up as a woman. Shaved my legs, put a wig and big dark shades on, and left the apartment. I also remember feeling conscious about my hunch back.

February 09, 2015

Chesna 52

Paja bought a Chesna 52 airplane. He had some kind of an airplane before, but this was smaller and faster. I told Rick D. (NFi) and David D. (Web) about it. Also, Attila showed me a LEGO sorting schedule he created for his kids.

January 23, 2015


Went back to Hungary to see my old gf, I told her that I still loved her. She was of course already married and had a kid. She said she needed to divorce her husband so we can date again, we ended up running around in DT Budapest with divorce papers. (the funny thing is, when I saw her apartment, I remembered it from a previous dream from many years ago)

January 19, 2015


I was helping Rob and Klari (and Ben) to move into their new place (looked like a townhouse somewhere in England). They were driving a truck and I was in a hurry to catch the subway.


My dad, Pali -my godfather- and I were walking up on a mountain. It was hot, but there was also snow on the ground. I stopped to take a picture of a hanging tree branch with some red berries on it (as usual), when all of a sudden, out of nowhere Su (from Panera) grabbed the branch, and took off the berries... so I missed the shot. I was very annoyed.

January 15, 2015


I was at the Whitehouse (it was twice as tall) and a chubby senator was giving a speech on the top of the building. People were watching him from below, including me. All of a sudden the senator jumped into the crowd from the roof. Everybody was laughing because it turned out to be a stunt double and the real senator was on a stage and shaking the stunt guy's hand, smiling. (He was wearing aluminum shades, like the ones from Back To The Future II. What Doc was wearing when he came back from the future.) I also told somebody next to me that everybody is a jokester in President Obama's crew.

January 03, 2015


D. and I entered a Rally race. It was a regular race with normal cars, but somehow we got a monster truck. I was a terrible dad and didn't even buckle him in, just kinda hung him on my left side, his legs were totally over the road. We were going really fast at times. At the end I asked him if he had fun and he said: "it was a little bit of fun."

Dan and Darla showed up at the end, and Dan made a joke about traveling from the east coast to the west on train. I also noticed a guy doing a head-stand on a rock...