December 11, 2017


I was in Hungary, it seemed like it was the future, but not that far off... maybe 2045-2065. I was with Tomi and mom, and we were younger. 
We were running around buying stuff, everything had a Christmas feel to it but there was no snow. 
I remember riding on a tram that was 100-150 meters high (that's how I know it was the future). 
At one point we were kinda rushing through a street that had a tram track and the tram was coming slowly. I got ahead and turned back and saw Tomi falling onto the tracks and the tram ran over him. We got there quick and pulled him out, he was still alive.

December 07, 2017


Ch was one my employees and I had to give her a paycheck, but my phone was dying and I couldn't transfer the money because of it ... so I was running around looking for a phone charger.