February 29, 2016

Home Visit

I was visiting my parents' house (most likely), where my dad did something I didn't like, so I cut his neck in front of the kids and placed the body on a toilet (sitting).

I left for pretty much all day (work maybe?) and when I got home, my 4 year old son told me, that my dad is still alive. I went to the bathroom, his body was completely pale (sitting on the toilet), I could see his mouth moving (like trying to speak but can't) and also saw his eyes circling around under his eyelids.

My dad was Kiefer Sutherland.

February 07, 2016

Three Ants

There were three sugar ants on my bathroom counter. One of them slowly walked over to another ant, picked it up and squeezed it really hard into a ball. Then another ant came from somewhere, and the first ant did the same thing to it.