February 21, 2015

The end?

I was taking the kids home. We lived in the same neighborhood, but on a mountain. I noticed that one of the houses was on fire. I wanted to help but I also needed to take the kids home. When we got home I realized that our house was on fire too. I started packing things and waited until the fire department showed up. Luckily they were successful at stopping the fire.

We went outside and I saw that actually everything was on fire, even the ground with lava fire-bubbles.

February 19, 2015


I worked at a construction company that was specializing in demolition. We leveled houses and took the debris to the beach(!?) somewhere near Palm City. I was using a motorized rickshaw to do this and at one point I ran out of gas. 

It was getting dark so I ended up knocking on a door of a mobile-home. There was a family of three, father, daughter and son with three dogs. A puppy, a little bit older one and a big mutt. The son informed me that the big dog is always outside and he only comes in to eat. I turned away from the big dog, and he bit me in the ass. It hurt so bad, I actually woke up ... and still felt the bite.

February 15, 2015


I used to be a drug dealer of some sort, but I've been clean for a while. An old friend of mine came to visit and told me that one of his friends is coming to pick him up later that day, so we went to the edge of the city to meet him. His friend came with a red car, very run-down. The guy had so much trash in his car we literally had scoop it out so we could sit down on the seat.

One thing concerned me, there were other guys in the back. They drove us to a dark alley in the city and I noticed a string in one of the guys hands. They tried to kill us. I luckily got away but my friend didn't. I ran from the car and somehow ended up in an apartment.

I remember breaking into the apartment. There was an older dude with his family. I told him I have an idea on how I'd hide, but needed his help. I told him I wanted female clothes and I will dress up as a woman. Shaved my legs, put a wig and big dark shades on, and left the apartment. I also remember feeling conscious about my hunch back.

February 09, 2015

Chesna 52

Paja bought a Chesna 52 airplane. He had some kind of an airplane before, but this was smaller and faster. I told Rick D. (NFi) and David D. (Web) about it. Also, Attila showed me a LEGO sorting schedule he created for his kids.