September 25, 2015


We were on vacation, and I was returning to the house we were renting at the time from a store. 

There were trees around, a little street and minimal lighting. It was dark (probably night time) and I was carrying a large brown paper bag of groceries. All of a sudden an antelope ran up to me, its antlers were kinda behind its ears, but somehow he managed to take a stab at me. Luckily I was fast enough to put the grocery bag between us, so the antlers pierced through the beg, but didn't hurt me. I ran into the house.

In the house a saw my old best friend (Gabor from Hungary) and I told him not to go out, because there is a crazy antelope out there, trying to hurt us. One of my kids said that my godfather knows about the antelope. He showed up out of nowhere and told me how to go around the antelope.