October 29, 2014

long worm

I was in a room with V and D. The room was very narrow and empty, only carpet covered the floor. Suddenly a very long (and quick) worm appeared. I told D to catch it, but he just stepped on it and cut the worm in half. One of the helves went under a bed(?) the other was just squiggling around on the carpet ...

October 21, 2014


Nacho asked me to go to Ash H.'s house in Ponte Vedra to help him move some furniture. I got there, it was a huge white square house on the beach, Ash was on the phone in the backyard talking to his landscaper guy. There was literally no furniture in the house.

Then we had to go somewhere and he said I can drive my car, or I can ride with him on his motorcycle. He had a huge white Hajabusa. He told me to sit on the bottom of the bike, it was like sitting in a smaller car. Everybody was looking at us and pushing their horn while we were riding.

October 16, 2014

Jumping around

I was back in Hungary with the family, but I think everybody spoke English.

My dad was in a TV commercial, talking about Tupperware containers.

I was also in some sort of school that was placed next to a zoo or something, and my classmates were people from the neo team. I was supposed to take Yuheng somewhere in my car but talked too much with one of the teachers and lost track of time.

Wanted to talk to my godmother about us visiting Hungary next year.

October 06, 2014

Music Teacher

Christine Baranski (from Good Wife, TV) was a music teacher in a school (a school I've never been to)... I was late from her class because I had a pants/bathroom related emergency (I can't remember if it was pee or poop)