May 17, 2020


I was back in the old church, just going through pamphlets when an elderly lady came out from a side door, dressed in white-goldish modest dress. She asked me if she could help me with anything, and I said, "No thanks. Just looking around". 

She went back through the door and a couple of minutes later appeared again, but this time, she knew who I was and used my name and said: Imre, let's pray together for you. And so we prayed.

April 20, 2020


We were on a getaway weekend with SP and hanging out in the condo. She ran outside with her phone and apparently her ex followed us there. I started talking to him (never actually met him before) and asked him what his problem was. We all started walking towards a run down school or post office building. They didn't have doors, just flapping plastic covers. This whole time I was trying to tell him that they need to find common ground with a mediator, otherwise the judge will make the custody rules. 

March 30, 2020

Dragon Lava

We went on a short trip, just the two us, Stace and I, no kids. We were on some sort of a little boat on a Florida spring or river and she wanted to introduce me to her mom and dad, I said ok. 

We approached a bigger boat on the water (very nice boat) where her mom and dad were hanging out (I started thinking this whole trip was a setup, but I didn't mind). They were super nice, invited us over and her dad and I started fishing. (her dad was Rich Guzzi - a hypnotist I met a while ago IRL) - at point one point this huge koi fish came next to the boat, where I was standing in the knee deep, crystal clear water. At first I thought that her dad caught it, but the fish actually just swam up and stuck its head out (exactly like a dolphin would) and I kissed it. Then the fish swam away. 

Later we went down to the huge cabin, where there were two dogs (I think a boxer and a great Dane). The cabin was massive. Her dad came out with a glass bong and we started smoking, and I could immediately tell that it was quality. I told him that and he said, "Oh yeah. This is Dragon Lava."

March 20, 2020

Quentin T

We were at some sort of an award show for music, movies, comedy and probably make more. With the usual Jax peeps being there. (Dallas, Trevor, Stephen B., Brannon etc)

At one point Stephen B was trying to (jokingly) punch Trevor in the face, I was right behind him and told him not to do it, in case he misses, he's gonna mess up my face before the award ceremony.

I was in line with Jeff E to the bar when I noticed Quentin Tarantino just a couple of feet away, it looked like he was preparing his speech on his cellphone.

I really wanted to say something but I chickened out, I turned back and I told some random guy in the line that I really liked his work! He seemed surprised, but nodded, then started speaking in French. Luckily the bar opened and we just walked in to get a drink.

February 28, 2020

Crappy boyfriend

There were about 6 of us in the woods, not lost just hanging out but but not actually sure where. We were either full on camping or there was a little wooden house. There was a girl I was interested in picking up sticks for a fire, but there was Meghan walking with her talking about something. Then Verena B(!?) came over to me and whispered into my ear that I am a pretty shitty boyfriend. I wasn't sure if she meant the comment towards Meghan and I (probably didn't know we were not together anymore) or that I did not help the other girl picking up sticks.

February 16, 2020

Matrix Horses

Web (corp) started expending again and bought a building in New Orleans. Jeff and I drove up separately to look at it. (I know it was supposed to be New Orleans, but it was actually Atlanta). I parked my car near a park with trees and shades, but for some reason far away from the building. (far, as in 2-3 miles away!!)

Inside was nice, normal looking corporate building, nothing fancy. Bunch of the stuff was not even done, plastic sheets were still installed and workers were still building things out. 

It was time to leave, and that's when I realized I don't know where I parked the car. I wasn't panicking because I remembered it was near a big park. So I started walking around, taking pictures, ate at a restaurant. It was still daylight, but then I noticed that my phone battery was dying and it started to get dark. 

I tried to call Jeff, because he's good with directions, but could not find his number and I could not open the messenger app. I turned the battery saving mode on on my phone, and started asking people around me where this park with trees might be. They said that they have lots and lots of parks in the city. That's when I started panicking. At one point I got on a tram that went around the city in a big circle, my phone was dying rapidly. It was really really late. I got off the tram near one of the parks, hoping my car would be there, it wasn't.

There was a lake or a river near by and I went to look at it when I saw a huge fish-looking something swimming in it, coming up for air and going back down. I wanted to take a video with my phone but it would have killed the battery. Then the thing came all the way up from the water, and it turned out to be a horse. It blew all the water out from his mouth, nose etc and galloped out of the water towards the park. And that's when I saw the glitch/bug... There were several horses cut in half or in pieces, floating around vertically (no blood, they were not in pain) just gently floating. I still couldn't take pictures because of the battery :/

January 04, 2020

Rain Dogs

I was at Rain Dogs ready to do an open mic, but the room was rearranged and there was a bed in it. My kids were in the bed in their PJs getting ready to go to sleep. It was not my weekend to have them, and I realized they can't be there. So I started packing them up and leave.