May 07, 2017


I think I was back in Hungary, I had this weird pimple next to my belly button. I tried to pop it, but a little bit of skin came off. I wasn't worried about it at first, but then the hole got bigger. I started pulling on the skin and I was able to see my guts. My dad was trying to help putting the skin back. 

February 28, 2017


We lived somewhere in the woods in a big cabin (kinda like the house in OA). Just Tomi, apu, anyu and me.  We were in the middle of nowhere, no kids etc just us.
I woke up around 3am, because my dad was chasing/talking  to somebody, and was following him/her outside. I couldn't see,  so I put my glasses on and went outside.
 It was a clear, cold night with all the stars but didn't see anybody.  I went back inside to find my dad getting ready to work, in his white underpants and undershirt.
 (After i woke up, I definitely felt a strong presence of someone in the apartment) 

February 19, 2017

Naked in church

We were at church, I was naked in one of the pews, covered with a blanket. There was a bunch of people,  they noticed me but nothing seemed out of the ordinary... It looked like I just woke up actually, maybe I was homeless. A lady was walking around with a tray giving away shots of alcohol. 

Pof Girl with a mustache

I was talking to one of the girls online from POF, but I was very suspicious that she had two accounts, so I started investigating and I found her other profile, she looked exactly the same in the profile pics except had a fake mistake on every picture...

November 29, 2016


I was in Hungary visiting my parents (by myself). My plane was leaving around lunch time, back to the US. Just before we left for the airport I realized that I don't know where my passport was. I was really freaking out, but did not find my passport ... :/

September 25, 2016


We were both naked, I can't even remember who the other person was, but I think I killed her (him?) somehow. Then I had to drain some fluids from her body, so I had to hold her upside down, and fill up a balloon looking thing. (From down below)

A little while later, I felt the urge again (maybe somebody told me) to do it, but this time it was Alison. I was about to drain her body, when she suddenly woke up and accused me that I was trying to kill her. I said of course not, just trying something different ...

September 12, 2016

Potato baby

We were walking on the street with the kids, grandma and grandpa.
V pointed out a potate looking thing on the side of the road, it had a baby head, and it's  mouth was opening and closing constantly. Grandma wanted to step on it, but D wanted to keep it for himself and was checking it out closely.

(The thing looked like the ginger root in Pan's Labyrinth - which I haven't seen in 10 years)