May 23, 2015


The kids were toddlers,  I put them in our house (we had a very small 1 bedroom thing) and tried to burn the house down. Somebody saw me from the other side of a lake and started yelling at me,  so I put out the fire and pretended that it was an accident.

May 20, 2015


I was playing with my new Pebble smart-watch. It seemed very plasticy, even though I ordered the metal one ...


I was back in Hungary, talking to my old girlfriend, trying to convince her to snuggle. I was very specific about JUST snuggling.

May 05, 2015

Invisible Driver

There was a round UFO hovering in our backyard about 150-200 feet in the air. We lived in a big box looking house, totally white with a huge grassy yard. A small aircraft started to descend from the UFO (looked similar to the one in Oblivion) and we all ran into the house. The aircraft landed on our front porch. I still didn't see a driver. A somewhat hidden door opened in the vehicle and soon our front door opened up also. That's when I realized that the driver was invisible. The kids ran to the craft and sat in the back, me and my wife sat up front. All of a sudden the driver appeared, and he was Bill Murray. We flew up in the sky.

May 04, 2015

Future job

I was applying for a job at a big corporation where Balage was working too. They had large cubicles with long tables and the developers were working on tiny screens (like the screen of the Note 4) and they were seated very close to each other. I know it was the future because I only saw 3-wheel electric cars in the parking lot... I also saw David applying there.

May 02, 2015


I had a girlfriend in Orange park, we were making out but I felt bad because of my wife and kids. I decided to end this relationship and went to her house (she was young, still living with her parents) just when I was about to tell her that it's over, her cellphone rang and she just found out that her best friend died. I didn't wanna break up with her right then and there because she was already crying pretty bad, so I was just standing there awkwardly for a while then I left her house.


My dad was some kind of a surgeon and was working on my back for a while ... trying to remove my moles.