June 30, 2015


We were somewhere with the fam, when the kids and I visited the local library. It was huge and Jennifer T was living there by herself. She was telling us the history of the library.

I broke the screen on my phone (again). I was disappointed.

June 24, 2015


I was sleeping. Suddenly I woke up and saw a spider crawling on the corner of my pillow. I tried to brush it away but it wasn't there anymore.

A spider bit Dorian above his right eye. Alison told me to put ice on it. I totally forgot to do it. Next time I saw Dorian, I didn't see the bite swollen so I wasn't worried. A couple of hours later I saw him again. At this time he had a golf ball size bump above his eye. I quickly tried to put ice on it, but it was too big so I couldn't. A little while later I saw him again with no swelling. Then again with the bump.
Finally I concluded that I am (we are) living parallel universes and I can go between them without noticing it.

June 22, 2015


There were a bunch of turtles inside our house by the fireplace - it looked exactly like a beehive, but with turtles. Alison turned one on its back and it was kicking around.

June 16, 2015

Lightning and Bako Z.

We were on the street at our house when I noticed a huge storm coming in, with very dark clouds. Suddenly I saw two lightnings, one on the left and one on the right. The houses they struck flamed up right away. I told the kids to go into the house and hide under something. Everything was burning around us.

I was in St. Augustine and ran into Bako Z. (my classmate from elementary) I showed him around, Casa Monica, Flagler college the Museum etc. I told him he can stay at our house for a couple of days.

June 13, 2015


I was hanging out with my goth friends, we were getting ready for an upcoming concert. (Can't remember the band now).
At one point we ended up in Mike Tyson's house and I was looking at his ninja sword collection. Somebody's grandma was trying to bake cookies and I tried to help her.
I was outside of a huge flee-market and saw Marylin Manson. We started talking about the history of ebm/goth music genre, and how I feel like it's coming back. Told him about my experiences in the 90s in Hungary, and early 2000. He actually seemed like a cool guy :)

June 09, 2015


Betti was graduating from some school here in the US, so the whole family was here. I tired to show off my work place at web for my dad, but my car was somehow lodged in the parking lot. I was trying different things to get it out. We were running around with Palko and Tomi.