December 17, 2015


We flew into Chicago for a vacation and met my parents at the airport. My mom was driving a big RV/bus.

After we drove over a big hill we finally saw the bed and breakfast we were staying at, but we were going too fast and mom ran into the building with the bus.

The owners said it's okay, but we wanted to pay them something. I was also trying to take a picture of the bus from the inside of the house, but couldn't fit the whole thing in the viewfinder. I really wanted to send the pic to David D., because I thought he'd find it hilarious.

December 11, 2015


We were living in a Cube. It was floating between the Moon and Earth. From our main window we could see the Earth and a Space Station. It was getting late and dark. A crew was hauling in new cargo into the station, they were in a hurry to use the Sun's light. Something got loose and the cargo started to slip away, and an astronaut was pulling it back with a rope. In the meantime, I was trying to put Dorian in bed.


We had a pat mouse and it got sick. My aunt Eva came over and lifted one of the couch cushions and there were more than 50 dead mice underneath. Used this opportunity to teach the kids why we couldn't have a pat mouse in the house. Also, Eva picket up a couple of the mice between her fingers, they were hanging by their tails.