November 08, 2019

Indian Dealers

John E and myself were looking for somebody who could sell us weed. We were kind of running around in dark shady alleys and found this 2 story house (might have been a town house, not sure). Once we entered, we noticed that the people inside were Indians (from India). There were a couple of adults in the front room with guns, but a bunch of children were playing on the floor with some wooden blocks (like in the Matrix when Neo goes to visit the oracle).

We were escorted into a back room, where an older guy welcomed us, and gave us a puff from something. He was later standing by a window, staring outside and giving us a lecture or something like that about life... I was laying on a couch for a little bit and then we left.

(the dream was very detailed with lots of colors, but I can't remember it :/

July 19, 2019

Love Rats

I was at some kind of gathering, but it also seemed like my house. Meghan was there, we were not together anymore but she wanted to talk to me so we went into a room. I awkwardly tried to hug her but backed down. Felt weird. I heard noises from unedr my bed, I know these were the rats trying to figure out how to piss me off again :/

July 13, 2019

In The Face

I was freshly out of a relationship and some friends of mine took me in (a couple, living together - but no clue who they were in real life). One day we went to a restaurant with a couple of other friends (including Daisy T.!!) and starting looking at the menu. All of a sudden, this group of thugs looking people showed up and one of them walked up to the table, with his zipper down and pushed his d*ck towards DT, laughed and then went into the back room. D was also laughing, but I found it disgusting and followed the guy into the back room. It seemed like some sort of a gathering, there was a bunch of bad looking guys there. I did something to one (can't remember what) and he started chasing me ... I jumped out of the window and ran, and somehow I got home, to my friends. There I told them what happened, we closed all the blinds. The girl part of the couple also mentioned that maybe I should move out. Then there were a lot of other friends in the house, I tried to kiss the girl (?) and there was somebody from outside trying to shoot someone's firefighter dad inside, but horrible missed. He said it was a mistake and walked away. And after all this, people were disassembling the room/house like on a movie set. 

February 26, 2019

Half naked in the rain

I was hanging out with Meg and she was about to introduce me to her mom. We were in a small river front log cabin or something like that. 

I was half naked, and felt awkward so Meg and I went outside to look for a t-shirt(??) and it was sunny and raining at the same time. We started making out just laying down on the road (I was still half naked, I think she was totally naked) when we heard a car approaching, we were just giggling and ran back into the cabin.

February 02, 2019

Half naked show

I was doing a set at Joey N's show, he called my name to get up on stage, but I still didn't have my shirt on, I couldn't button it up, and I threw a tie around my neck. Went up on stage and did ok. 

Lost And Found

Took the kids to some kind of festival, and I was trying to make sure they have a good time, so I let them go by themselves. There was a bunch of people of course and I totally lost them in the chaos. I was looking for them all day, but couldn't find them. At one point I found D. but then lost him again too. All of a sudden it was the next morning in my apartment (or different house), still no kids, and Tomi was there laughing at something. I was very pissed at him. Called my ex's house, and the kids were there. She said I can pick them up for school this afternoon. 

January 15, 2019

Dead Baby

We were at Max and Jack's (T) house with the kids. They just had a new baby, it was tiny, like I could place her in my palm. (I think she was a girl). They had a pool party and everybody was jumping in the pool and having fun with all the kids, but I decided not to go in. So they asked me if I could take care of the new baby. I said, sure. The baby looked like she was a dog and seal mixture, very weird looking. I was holding her in both of my hands, when one of the other friends came up to me, drying himself with a towel and said, I think the baby is dead. We touched her nose, it was very cold. I was starting to get nervous, but I said very calmly, "she's just sleeping" and gently tried to warm her up with my hands. She came back to life (or just woke up) and we had a good time afterwards.